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Investment Enhances Martindales Manufacturing Capability

Posted by David Samson on 27/01/2015

Martindales Limited has made a significant investment in its business to take its PVCu & glazing production capability to a new level.
The investment sees the addition of a second production facility close to the current headquarters building, a new state of the art “saw centre” PVC cutting & preparation machine, together with a new fully automated double glazed unit production line.

New PVCu Production Facility

The new building provides c15,000 sq ft of factory space and c1500 sq ft of office space.

It houses the entire PVCu production plant that includes the new BDM saw centre and a range of new supporting machinery.

The office areas provide the business with space for expansion and the building has enabled the creation of a dedicated counter for trade customers.

BDM Saw Centre

At the heart of the PVCu production facility is the new saw centre. This state of the art machine does the work that was carried out previously by several different people, processes & machines.

The saw centre was manufactured for Martindales by German specialists BDM and is the first of its kind in the UK. PVCu profile is loaded onto the saw centre and is then cut to size and is then precision drilled with drainage channels and holes for locks and hinges.

The accompanying software optimises the process to ensure that wastage is minimised and the machine uses c30% less energy than the previous processes, helping support Martindales’ drive to minimise environmental impact, as recognised by our recent ISO 14001 accreditation.

Automated DGU Line

Our new fully automated glass line will enable Martindales to support the increased capacity and production volume provided by the new PVCu facility, with a new double glazed unit being produced every three minutes.

It will also ensure that we can continue to meet the requirements for energy efficient units and keep ahead of the game in respect of the ever developing regulations around window energy ratings.

The new Italian machinery, supplied by Forel, incorporates an internal argon press for filling energy efficient units with argon gas.

In addition a spacer bar applicator will bend, cut & apply the spacer bar within the unit without the need for manual intervention. This is supported by dual bobbins for quick changeover of different spacer bar sizes.

A Georgian bar grid layout is an integral feature of the automated line, enabling all types of Georgian bar to be incorporated into the unit swiftly and accurately.

Health & safety is of paramount importance in our operations and the new automated line is replete with the latest in automatic cut-out technology, such as pressure pads & laser barriers.


These enhancements will significantly increase capacity and enable Martindales to drive down lead times on the production of PVCu items & glazed units.

They will also drive process efficiencies and reduce energy consumption & waste.

The developments will also enable us to maintain the highest standards of product quality for our customers and enable us to accommodate future growth in the business.

This significant investment is an investment in the future of our business and in the markets and customers that Martindales is delighted to serve.

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