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Posted by David Samson on 12/02/2009

Martindales Ltd have made further developments to our existing bespoke software PDA package to include on site spot checks, these are designed to pick up any workmanship issues no matter how small whilst we are still on site. In response to requests from Insurance Companies we previously carried out the on site spot checks through a manual process but then decided that for full auditable traceability that it made perfect sense to use the fantastic technology already at our hands and therefore the package was designed with Insurance Companies requests in mind.

The nationwide Branch Managers are targeted to carry out a minimum number of unplanned on site spot checks per week. Head Office also carry out nationwide ad-hoc spot checks where all fitters are scored on appearance, quality of work etc. All information is sent back to Head Office via the PDA technology to be held within the contract in the bespoke package alongside a minimum of five photographs per spot check.

This system is designed to monitor standards generically throughout our business. The feedback that we have received from customers regarding this approach is that they seem to welcome the controls and feel valued that we actually take the time out to ensure that they have received the best quality of both service and product and are left feeling very confident in the work we have carried out for them. This feedback is also reflected in the customer care cards that are left with each customer on each visit as we receive in excess of 50% return of which in excess of 95% are extremely positive.

We welcome all feedback from customers as this aids us in our aim for continuous improvement and development as any trends are immediately identified and rectified. The controls that this system now gives Martindales as a Company also backs up and reiterates the confidence we have in knowing exactly what is happening out on site.

We like to feel that as a company Martindales Ltd are ‘big enough to cope but small enough to care’.

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